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Mussoorie: A Place Where Romance Blooms!

Often, well-planned tours are dumped at the end. The success rate is below 50%.

Finally, it was the day for us, Yahoooo!

Maggi and Tea at Gun Hill point, Mussoorie.
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Anniversary Surprise:

On our 07th wedding anniversary in April 2022, we headed toward the Mussoorie. Mussoorie is famous for its scenic views and is also known as the “Queen of Hill”. It is only 95km-110km from Saharanpur (UP). Depending upon the availability of local routes distance may vary. It takes 02–03 hours of driving depending on your driving style using a private vehicle.

Boss, forget about the destination for a while, Enjoy the journey on those curvy roads.

A Glance at Mussoorie:

Mussoorie is a small Nagar Palika of Dehradun (UK) in India with a population of 40,000–41,000. It is merely located at an elevation of 6000–8000 feet in the range of the Himalayas.

As our nature of enjoying the tour is Turtle-Style, that is why it was a 3N/4D tour for us. Mussoorie is well-known for its stunning scenery, cozy coffee shops, and the evening. A late-night walk along Mall Road is a must to experience it.

Weather in Mussoorie:

Do you know how rapidly climate changes in the Mussoorie? Are you visiting for the first time? Then, You need to record the weather for at least the previous 6-7 days. Do this before you depart.

Let me clear this for you if you’re residing below 4000 feet from MSL. You’ll not sense a considerable amount of change in weather. But the magic starts when you breach the level of 5000–6000 feet heights in the wavy roads. Till the time you reach the center of the town, it will feel like the winter season.

Top-05 places to visit in Mussoorie:

Mussoorie has various panoramic views at peaks. A few of those are

  1. Lal Tibba (The highest peak with a height of 2830m),

  2. Bhatta Fall (6-7km away from the station),

  3. Gun Hill Point (2nd Highest in Mussoorie),

  4. Library Bazar (Best for book lovers),

  5. Mall-Road (Best for newly married couples).

Album: Mussoorie in frame

We loved trekking the Gun-Hill Point and decided to stroll this mesmerizing place with no vehicle. It might hurt your legs, body, etc. but when you catch the views with the naked eye, it will be worth it. You will forget your pain. Boss everything, that your eyes feel, can’t be captured in the camera.

Top 07 things to keep in mind visiting Mussoorie for family:

  1. No public transport for intra-city exploration.

  2. Carry cash at least 20-30% of your tour budget.

  3. If booking a hotel online, confirm parking space.

  4. Keep 01 or 02 lightweight winter wear in your backpack.

  5. Check whether updates of the last 05–06 days of your departure.

  6. Keep medicines, a thermal bottle, and dry fruits to deal with emergencies,

  7. Renting a Scooter (₹600-₹1000/day) can be a good option, but keep DL with you.

The memories forged here, like treasured gems, are carefully preserved, forever reminding us of the joy and contentment we found amidst the enchanting beauty of Mussoorie.

Enjoying the hills can bring you closer to nature's beauty. I recommend spending time in the hills to experience all they have to offer. You will be amazed at how beneficial they are to your life. I will be super happy to help you by sharing my experience.

PS: Comment below your best experience in Mussoorie.


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