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How To Get the Best Job?

Finding the most suitable job is not an easy task. I can resonate with it. Most of us are not synchronized with our education and job profile. After having a degree, the very first thing we look for is a Good Job.

In 2008, I got placed in the private sector through campus selection. Only a handful of passing-out students get a job immediately after graduating. The majority of the chunk has to struggle for a long period.

To make your journey easy, I would love to share top practical tips. These tips will help you to find a suitable job and boost your confidence.

Best Way to Get the Job:

  • Enhance your skills meanwhile.

  • LinkedIn can help you to find a job.

  • Attend Job fairs as maximum as possible,

  • Connect with industry experts on LinkedIn,

  • Stay in connection with your college seniors,

  • Register yourself with mainstream recruiters,

  • Apply for internships, apprenticeships, etc. using government portals,

  • Register on the National Career Service (NCS) portal of the Government of India.

What Not to Do:

  • Don't be demotivated,

  • Don't apply for jobs blindly,

  • Never create a gap, it is hazardous,

  • Don't fall into the trap of fake recruitment.

Pro Tip: In your starting phase, never compare jobs based on salary, but on the experience you will get. I know a few of my friends, who initially joined at NIL salary but are now doing well in their respective sectors. The experience they earned now paying-off them well.

PS: Anything in mind, Add it in the comment section.


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